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SharePoint List Synchronizer

Host lists in SharePoint, edit them in Excel!

SharePoint is a great collaborative tool and Excel is definitely the best to edit lists of data: why not get the best of both worlds?

The SharePoint List Synchronizer enables you to export SharePoint Lists to Excel and synchronize back your changes to SharePoint!

SharePoint List Synchronizer Visual

Restore your Excel productivity!

SharePoint List Synchronizer is a tool created by SoftFluent to restore automatically the two-way synchronization feature between Excel and SharePoint lists.

In Microsoft Office Excel 2003, you can connect to and update lists that reside on SharePoint sites. This allows you to keep the information in your Excel 2003 tables synchronized with the information that appears on the SharePoint site.

In Microsoft Office Excel 2007, 2010 & 2013, the ability to update the information in SharePoint lists from Excel is deprecated.

However, the SharePoint List Synchronizer for Excel addresses this issue and allows Excel users to open SharePoint Lists from SharePoint sites in two-way sync.

From SharePoint, you can export your lists to Excel 2007, 2010 & 2013 and synchronize back your changes without any extra-effort.



Microsoft SharePoint is a great tool for sharing information, and thanks to it you know for sure that you’re always looking at the most current version of your data. Likewise, Microsoft Excel is another great tool for analyzing information, but sharing Excel workbooks can lead to people using out-of-date information.

Get the best of both worlds: export your SharePoint lists to Excel and synchronize back your changes, 

  • Ensure you are collaborating on up-to-date information,
  • Do it in an Excel spreadsheet,
  • Work offline and synchronize back your changes later on.


  • Opens SharePoint Lists in Excel with the synchronization feature enabled,
  • Seamless: it's fully transparent,
  • No changes needed: keep your existing two-way SharePoint lists you created in earlier versions,
  • It's client-only: no changes needed on your SharePoint server,
  • It's not an add-in: it does not alter your Excel installation,
  • Deploy the component across your enterprise so everyone can benefit to the product.

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Customer's opinion

Luis Serraller IT Manager - Cushman & Wakefield

"When we had to migrate to Office 2007 I was really surprised Microsoft removed the two-way synchronization. Fortunately could find out Softfluent add-in and it was a fabulous discovery. It allows us to work as we like and need at a very good price."

Glenn Carlton - USPS

Our SharePoint sites include a very large user base, some with limited access to the intranet, so they have to use Excel as their interface. SharePoint List Synchronizer is the only tool that allows exports to synchronize both directions when using Excel 2007/2010/2013 a single spreadsheet allows links with multiple web sites!