CodeFluent Entities

User Groups Program

Are you leading a user Group dedicated to .NET?

As the user group leader, we'll give you a CodeFluent Entities Ultimate License. CodeFluent Entities is a model-first tool for continuous generation of all your application layers that preserves your custom code. The ‘ultimate’ version is full-featured edition for commercial use, including generators such as Oracle Database, SharePoint or Office as well as official ‘out of the box’ aspects (e.g. data localization and middle of word text search).

Community Events

We can offer you a CodeFluent Entities Ultimate License as a gift for your event.
Anticipating properly, we may also deliver a technical speech in your event to introduce our product.

So what's the catch?

All we ask in return is a little back scratching. In other words, a link and a mention. We ask that you list CodeFluent Entities as a sponsor on your website and post our logo. Then all you have to do is fill out the form below. That's it.
Step 1: Post our company logo on your website.
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