CodeFluent Entities

Update License

Activate CodeFluent Entities

One of the biggest questions we've had from our users is how to activate my CodeFluent Entities or CodeFluent Entities Ultimate license. Once you've installed CodeFluent Entities one your computer, you'll be able to create or open your first project.

First and if the product isn't already activated, an activation wizard will be prompt.

Here you've got two options. The first option the easiest, you just need to enter your credentials to get your key from your account. The second option isn't quite as straightforward, but it gives you the flexibility to set manually your product key.

Your products keys are visible on the "My Products" page on our website.

Activation happens quickly in the background without you having to do more things. Your computer needs only to be connected to the internet.

Update your Free License to an Ultimate License

If you product is already activated but you need to change the key, you need to launch SoftFluent Licensing (SoftFluent.Licensing.Client.exe in the installation directory").

Select the installed build license you want to update and use the delete button on your keyboard and confirm. Finally, follow the section above to activate your CodeFluent Entities Ultimate license.

The full documentation is available here.