SoftFluent CodeModeler

Turn your business into code

What's inside

CodeModeler Enterprise edition is a full-featured edition. The Trial edition is limited to one month

It includes generators such as SQL Database as well as official ‘out of the box’ aspects (e.g. data localization and middle of word text search). Here's the complete list of features:


SoftFluent CodeModeler provides several components to allow you to create enterprise-class applications.

  • The Modeler: integrated to Microsoft Visual Studio 201.9, let's you design your model in a graphic interface and generate code without leaving Visual Studio's familiar user interface.

Persistence Code Generators

Thanks to its persistence "producers" CodeModeler can translate your models into fully functional persistence layers (Tables, Schemas, Columns, Stored Procedures, Data, Keys, Constraints, Views, User Defined Types, etc.). Available persistence producers are:

  • SQL Server Producer (SQL Server 2012-2014-2016-2019)
  • SQL Template Producer (template-based file generation and deployment)
  • MySQL Producer
  • PostgreSQL Producer

.NET Standard Business Object Model Generator

Generate a consistent business tier reusable across all .NET applications (e.g. ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.Net WebAPI, ASP.Net Core, Windows Forms, WPF, Windows Services):

  • Business Object Model Producer (C#)
  • Cache Producer: adds caching capabilities to the generated .NET object model
  • Add application-wide features using the built-in "CodeModeler Aspects" (e.g. Data Localization, Google like text-search),
  • Create your own "CodeModeler Aspects" to externalize features from your models and reuse them in your projects

Utility Producers

  • Template Producer: generate any text based file (PHP, configuration files, RTF, emails, invoices, etc.)
  • Exec Producer: execute any external program in the production pipeline
  • Patch Producer: apply patches on generated

Application-Oriented Features

  • Data Binding
  • Paging
  • Sorting
  • Search
  • Internationalization / Localization
  • Caching
  • Middle-Of-Word Text Search
  • Binary Large Object (BLOB)
  • Enumerations

Run-time Controls & Utilities

The product is shipped with royalty free run-times (provided you have a commercial CodeModeler license) which includes plenty of handy controls and utilities. For instance:

  • EditableUri,
  • TraceRanges,
  • ConvertUtilities,
  • XmlUtilities,
  • JsonUtilities

Getting started

1Get your free 30-day trial or buy SoftFluent CodeModeler

2Download and install the Visual Studio 2019 Ready extension

Download version 2019

3Activate or update your license


4Create your first project

Open Visual Studio and create a new CodeModeler project by selecting "File > New > Project". In the "New Project" dialog, in the left pane, select "CodeModeler" and the "Blank CodeModeler Model" template.

You can activate the product through the Activation Wizard which appears when using your first CodeModeler project.

From the "Solution Explorer", in your project, expand the "Surfaces" node and double-click on the default surface named "Default" and add your first entities.


SoftFluent CodeModeler is available at a price of $699/€599 per year per developer. This includes any upgrade available during the subscription (including versions for new versions of Visual Studio and/or SQL Server), and Professional support by email..